Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run reminds players of Subway Surfers, from graphics to gameplay. And exactly, Talking Tom Gold Run resembles Subway Surfers to 90% from image to gameplay. Talking Tom Gold Run still retains 10% of an individual Endless Runner title made up of the Talking Tom version.

Tom gold run

With 3D graphics platform, Talking Tom Gold Run is built with lovely and cute visual language. Still the funny Tom, the task of the player is not to escape but to pursue the thief stole his gold. This is different from the content of the game will lead to differences in the purpose of the game and the psychology of gamers.

Talking Tom Gold Run maintains the same gameplay mechanism as Subway Surfers, which means that players will continue to run until they can not run anymore, which means that the game will not split into levels with levels. Different levels for gamers to conquer. The task of the player is to run as far as possible, collecting as much gold as possible.

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